Signed before a notary public;

Certified by the clerk of court of the county in which the notary is commissioned; *and

Certified by the Secretary of State of the State in which the document is executed.

*Item 2 may be omitted if the authority in item 3 will certify directly to the notary.

Certification for Apostille Certificate

Most documents that are used outside the U.S. require a notary public, state or federal official seal. These documents are not valid unless they have been authenticated by the Department of State and legalized by the consulate of a particular country.

Currently there are about 81 countries that have signed the Hague Convention on Documents. This allows for an abbreviated legalization process called an apostille. An "apostille" is an official state-issued stamp or attachment to any public or private document that makes the document legal for use in any country that has signed the Hague Convention on Documents.

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If a document needs to be legalized for more than one country, send a separate original of the document for each location.

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What we need


The U.S. Department of State authenticates documents using the imprint of it's Seal. The Authentication Office signs and issues certificates under the Seal. The Department of State provides authentication services to U.S. citizens as well as foreign nationals. These apply to all documents that will be used overseas.

Examples include: patent applications, powers of attorney, trademarks, transcripts, invitations, statements of nonmarital status, articles of incorporation, good standing certificates, certificates of merger, job certifications, letters of reference, deeds of assignments, etc.

We can assist you with quick and reliable document authentication, legalization as well as apostille services.